About Us

Who we are?

We believe in total transparency and we are proud of who we are, so we are more than happy to share all the little details about us.

Our Brand Positioning Statement

We are unapologetically for style-makers, fashion motivators & individuals influencing the latest trends. LO & BEHOLD is the new fashion icon for the hottest sunglasses for #BEHOLDBABES everywhere.

Our Why

Taking inspiration from runways around the world we believe great designs & quality should be accessible to all. Where you shouldn't have to compromise, be that style, quality or price. And so, LO & BEHOLD was created. Born to rival it's competitors in design & quality without the high-end price tags. We exist to give everyone the confidence to inspire, influence & wear the latest trends.

Our Mission

LO & BEHOLD are reinventing a modern day approach to fashion sunglasses offering bold designs, good quality and great prices attainable for all lifestyles.

Our Vision

To be Australia's #1 'Affordable Designer' sunglasses brand.

Our Values

1. Make An Impact - by conducting all aspects of our business—production, supply chain, relationships with employees and customers — ethically and honesty.

2. Give Back - by partnering with charities and social causes in relevant ways.

3. Innovate - Our products are fuelled by creative passion and a deep understanding of our customers.